I offer both psychotherapy and Jungian analysis. With psychotherapy, the work is sometimes focused on the conscious material of life history, life experiences, and dialogue concerning existential questions.

Jungian analysis (which is also referred to as Jungian psychoanalysis, analytical psychotherapy, or depth psychology) is a method based on the teachings of the Swiss physician C. G. Jung. It is a form of face-to-face psychotherapy which addresses the interaction of conscious and unconscious elements, bringing the latter into consciousness in order to focus on life experiences that can create feelings of meaninglessness, exhaustion, loss of creativity, and spiritual emptiness.

Meeting once a week in a confidential environment, the client and analyst create a sacred space to address the struggles and difficulties, stresses and questions affecting the client’s outer and inner life.

Jungian analysis is a therapeutic method that addresses the issue the client brings into session. The work addresses complexes and identifies unconscious long-standing patterns, feelings, and negative perceptions. Work with dreams often awakens untapped creativity. Jungian analysis addresses the symbolic level of the symptom or issue, taking into consideration the history of the issue, its origin, and development in order to understand the underlying and not yet conscious meaning of the symptom or problem.

Always the work is focused on discovering your true potential and developing a renewed energy for life.